Pentecost coming Sunday, but from today Shakes & Fidget has some events on this occasion. We have 4 of them and they will be active until Monday (21-24.05).

Below is a list of all this weekend's events:

Exceptional XP Event

  • 2x XP for quests
  • 2x XP for daily missions
  • 2x XP for Arena fights
  • 2x XP from the academy in Fortress
  • 2x XP frome the Wheel of Fortune
  • pet - Luchtablong can be found during event

Sands of Time Special

  • 10x hourglasses hourglass in Magic Shop
  • 2x hourglasses hourglass from gambler
  • hourglasses hourglass can be found during quests in sand locations

Glorious Gold Galore

  • 5x gold gold for quests
  • 5x gold gold for city guard during the event
  • +50% gold gold from gold pit
  • 5x gold gold from gambler
  • 5x gold gold from Wheel fo Fortune
  • pet Armoruck can be found during the event

Fantastic Fortress Festivity

  • wood wood and stone stone can be found during quests
  • only biggest gems in gem mine
  • 2x faster recruiting units in fortress
  • 2x wood drewno and stone stone from Wheel fo Fortune
  • 2x wood drewno and stone stone from gambler
Pentecost - Events

In addition to the events themselves, on these days you will be able to find the pet Nipprabs. This is the only occasion of the year, so don't miss it!