Shakes & Fidget made its world debut exactly 12 years ago. During this time, the game has been constantly updated with new features to provide players with even more entertainment.

Shakes & Fidget's 12th birthday

It's time to celebrate 12 years of play with another game update9.0. Here is a list of the most important changes and new features to the game:

  • New Legendary Dungeon (June 25, 18 CET-July 5, 18 CET)
  • New Legendary Items
  • Skip tavern quests by watching ads (Android, iOS)
  • Visually reworked gems
  • Many other minor changes and fixed bugs

Full list of new features, changes and fixed bugs:

New features

  • Legendary Dungeon: new dungeon "Shady Birthday Bash"
  • Legendary Dungeon: 12 brand-new Legendary items
  • Legendary Dungeon: new intro video
  • Legendary Dungeon: new special rooms
  • Legendary Dungeon: new graphics for rooms, monsters, dungeon map and dungeon items
  • Legendary Dungeon: new animation when receiving Legendary item
  • Legendary Dungeon: special doors for shops and boss monsters
  • Legendary Dungeon: new timer displays when dungeon will be unlocked
  • General: new birthday event type
  • General: new birthday logo
  • General, apps: you can skip quests by watching ads now (Android, iOS only)


  • Legendary Dungeon: rebalanced blessings and curses
  • Legendary Dungeon: Legendary items have random runes now (except the first one with a hit points rune)
  • Legendary Dungeon: increased minimum armor of Legendaries
  • Todo list: resized entries in landscape mode
  • Fortress: new gem graphics

Fixed bugs

  • Mail: fixed a bug that didn't let you watch fights when you pinned all fight messages

On the occasion of Shakes & Fidget's birthday, there is a special gift for players in the form of a code BDAY21 which can be used at the Mushroom Merchant. This code is valid until Sunday (June 27) inclusive.

Birthday events will be active over the next weekend and Monday. Full list below:

Crazy Mushroom Harvest

  • 20% more mushrooms mushroom at dealer
  • greater chance for finding mushrooms during quests

Exceptional XP Event

  • 2x XP for quests
  • 2x XP for daily missions
  • 2x XP for Arena fights
  • 2x XP from the academy in Fortress
  • 2x XP frome the Wheel of Fortune
  • pet - Luchtablong can be found during event

Tidy Toilet Time

  • 2x mana for throwing an item in the toilet
  • pet Mantiflame can be found during event

Assembly of Awesome Animals

  • 3x fruits from quests
  • 3x fruits from pet fights
  • each pet can be fed 9 times per day
  • faster quests with premium mounts (quest time reduced by 0:30, 1:00, 1:30 for mounts -20%, -30%, -50%)
  • 3x fruits fro Wheel of Fortune

Forge Frenzy Festival

  • metal metal and arcane splinters arcane splinters can be found during quests
  • 15 instead of 5 dismantle points
  • 2x arcane splinters arcane splinters from gambler
  • 2x arcane splinters arcane splinters from Wheel of Fortune
Eventy - 12 urodziny Shakes & Fidget

In addition to the events, throughout the entire period in which the Legendary Dungeon will be open (6/25-05/07) you will be able to find a rare pet - Cannoturtle.

Have fun!