Valentine's Day is coming soon, so it's time for challenge "Fight for love" in which over 20 influencers will take part, and players will have a chance to win 3000 mushrooms!

Valentines Day challenge Fight for love

What is the challenge about?

During this weekend your favorite youtubers/streamers will fight on the arena 50 times (on their chosen server), and the challenge is to guess correct amount of wins out of 50 fights.

How to take a part?

To be able to vote, go to this page, and choose your favorite youtuber/streamer, type in your guess and leave contact e-mail address. You can vote until friday (11.02) 14:00 CET. The prize for correct guess is 3000 for a viewer of each influencer, and you can vote only for one influencer. If more that one person guess the correct number, then the winner will be randomly drawn from those people. Make sure to follow your favorite on social media during this weekend, because they're going to perform arena battles on streams/videos.

Good luck!