Witch can enchant your equipment which give various bonuses. You can also sell equipment here for twice of regular price. Here you can also brew potions.


How to unlock witch?

Witch is automatically unlocked after reaching 66 level. To go to witch click on Inconspiciuous book in Magic Shop, or just click 2 times on Magic Shop button (or once, if you are already in Magic Shop).


Witch can enchant your equipment with spells that give you various useful bonuses. However, enchantment scrolls aren't available right away. To create scroll, Witch needs brewing which requies ingredients - equipment items. Each day witch needs equipment from different category, and progress speed depends on all players on server. After gathering all ingredients Witch needs 24 hours to perform the ritual. After that time new scroll with enchantment will appear over Witch's head and will be available to purchase.

Here is the list of all enchantments with their descriptions

Item Ench. name Description
Helmet Adventurer's Archaeological Aura XP bonus: +10%/quest
Armor Mario's Beard Increases the chance to find mushrooms by 50% during your quests
Gloves Shadow of the Cowboy Allows you to attack first. If the enemy has it too, then it will be decided randomly
Boots 36960-Feet Boots Shortens the time you need to complete a quest by 30 seconds. This does not change the thirst required but only the time it takes
Weapon Sword of Vengeance Increases the critical damage of your weapon by 5%
Amulet Unholy Acquisitiveness Grants you 10% bigger chance to find item during questing
Belt Thirsty Wanderer Allows you to drink one extra beer. It will be free and it has to be the first beer you drink that day. If you equip item with this scroll later, the beer won't be free
Ring The Grave Robber's Prayer Grants you 10% more gold from quests
Talisman Robber Baron Ritual Increases the gold from arena fights by up to 20%

Potion crafting

Witch can brew potions from fruits. Each potion requires 10 of specific fruit.

  • from blackberries (shadow) you get potion of constitution
  • from lemons (light) you get potion of dexterity
  • from apples (earth) you get potion of intelligence
  • from strawberries (fire) you get potion of luck
  • from plums (water) you get potion of strength

Selling items

Each day Witch needs equipment items from various categories like Boots or Weapon. If you have such items you can throw them into cauldron to get more gold - twice of regular price to be exact.