At the blacksmith, you can improve equipment by placing gems, improving statistics or changing runes.


How to unlock blacksmith?

You get access to the blacksmith after reaching level 90. To enter it, click on the Obscure Pommel or double-click the Weapon Shop button.


A blacksmith can add a gem slot to an item. It costs a certain amount of metal and arcane splinters (crystals) or 25 Shrooms. It is also possible to extract gem from an item, but this operation destroys item.

Item dismantling

Dismantling is a good option to get rid of unnecessary items, and at the same time obtain a certain amount of metal and arcane splinters (crystals). This is the main source of these resources, other way of obtaining them is to win with Gambler you can also get some from Dr. Abawuwu. You can dismantle 5 items daily, with the difference that the weapon counts as 2 items.

Attribute upgrade

Upgrading a attribute of item increase the stat or stats of an item by a certain percentage. Each item can be upgraded 20 times, and each upgrade will increase the statistics a bit, but each subsequent upgrade costs more and more resources. The overall value of an item also affects the cost of upgrading a process.

Rune swap

Rune swapping is very useful when you'll find an item with a rune that you need, but with weak statistics, or the one that has good stats but have rune for pve. Thanks to this feature you can easily assemble equipment sets for pvp or pve. Rune swap costs 20 Mushroom.

Appearance change

Blacksmith also allows to change the appearance of epic items, it is an interesting option when you want to visually adjust the equipment elements. It can come in handy while doing Fashion-conscious achievement. Changing the appearance of an item costs 10 Mushroom. It is worth adding that you cannot change the appearance of the item to one that you do not have in the scrapbook.