Today in Shakes & Fidget we start summer collectifun!

Each day the barman has 3 special quests for players worth 5, 10 and 15 points respectively. The greater the number of tasks completed, the greater the chance of valuable rewards, and the main prize is legendary gem which can be obtained for collecting 300 points. During the entire event, you can collect 420 points in total, so you don't have to complete each task to get the main prize. In addition to the legendary gem, you can get following rewards:

  • 100 points - some amount of gold gold
  • 150 points - even more gold godl
  • 225 points - 100 hourglasses hourglass
The event will last for 14 days (16-29.08).

Below is a list of tasks that you can find during the event:

  • roll new items at shop x times
  • dismantle items x times
  • upgrade attribute x times
  • buy an epic item x times
  • spin wheel of fortune x times
  • perform a fortress attack x times