The 8.0 update is coming to the game and with it a brand new dungeon "Fantastic Legendaries and where to find them". In addition to the dungeon itself, the update will add Legendary Gems to the game, as well as bring some other small changes and improvements. The dungeon opens on Friday at 00:01 CET and will remain open for 11 days up to and including Easter Monday. This dungeon will have a lot of gold and artifacts to find, as well as a lot of monsters to defeat, and most importantly, there will also be brand new legendary items to earn!

Legendary dungeon - Fantastic Legendaries and where to find them

The full list of changes and new features in Update 8.0 below

New features:

  • Legendary Dungeon: new dungeon "Fantastic Legendaries and where to find them"
  • Legendary Dungeon: new set of Legendary items
  • Legendary Dungeon: new blessings and curses
  • Legendary Dungeon: new special rooms including Key Master's Shop
  • Legendary Dungeon: new map
  • Legendary Dungeon: hit points regenerate every hour and can be bought in steps
  • Legendary Dungeon: you can enter the dungeon with a minimum of 20% hit points now
  • Legendary Dungeon: new statistics screen
  • Legendary Dungeon: added "fewer animations" setting
  • Character: added voice output to mannequin tutorial
  • Character: new sound effects for Legendary weapons
  • Tavern: added new events for special festivities
  • Fortress: added Legendary gems (will be unlocked on Friday; Legendary items required)
  • Scrapbook: added set of Legendary items
  • Mushroom dealer: added new bonus packs: Pro++ and Triple Pro
  • Options: added individual volume sliders
  • Chat: added spam protection to whispered messages


  • Legendary Dungeon: changed number of rooms to 100
  • Legendary Dungeon: rebalanced monsters and traps
  • Legendary Dungeon: reworked certain special rooms
  • Legendary Dungeon: you can no longer find the same Legendary on your first two runs twice
  • Events: now Tidy Toilet Time rewards you with twice as many mana points for normal items, too (not just for epics)
  • Events: during Forge Frenzy Festival arcane splinters as quest rewards give you twice as many splinters now
  • Underworld: renamed time machine Adventuromatic
  • Underworld: new voice output for Adventuromatic tutorial
  • Dr. Abawuwu: slightly increased animation speed of wheel
  • Options: reworked design
  • General: removed wintery design

In addition, the following events will be active in the game next weekend (26-28.03):

Crazy Mushroom Harvest

  • 20% more mushrooms mushroom at dealer
  • greater chance for finding mushrooms during quests

Exceptional XP Event

  • 2x XP for quests
  • 2x XP for daily missions
  • 2x XP for Arena fights
  • 2x XP from the academy in Fortress
  • 2x XP frome the Wheel of Fortune
  • pet - Luchtablong can be found during event

Sands of Time Special

  • 10x hourglasses hourglass in Magic Shop
  • 2x hourglasses hourglass from gambler
  • hourglasses hourglass can be found during quests in sand locations

Forge Frenzy Festival

  • metal metal and arcane splinters arcane splinters can be found during quests
  • 15 instead of 5 dismantle points
  • 2x arcane splinters arcane splinters from gambler
  • 2x arcane splinters arcane splinters from Wheel of Fortune

Tidy Toilet Time

  • 2x mana for throwing an item in the toilet
  • pet Mantiflame can be found during event
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