May weekend is close, and if it is May weekend, then Labor Day, which is celebrated on May 1. On this day is also Walpurgis Night, and on this occasion, in addition to a few weekend events, there will also be two new ones related to these occasions. These new events are: Piecework Party and Witches' Dance. During these events, you will be able to skip quests for free, and the witch will accept all kinds of equipment in her cauldron!

The event weekend will last from 30.04 to 2.05

Poniżej lista wszystkich eventów tego weekendu wraz z opisami:

NEW Piecework Party

  • quests can be skipped for free

NEW Witches' Dance

  • you can throw any item to witch's cauldron

Crazy Mushroom Harvest

  • 20% more mushrooms mushroom at dealer
  • greater chance for finding mushrooms during quests

Glorious Gold Galore

  • 5x gold gold for quests
  • 5x gold gold for city guard during the event
  • +50% gold gold from gold pit
  • 5x gold gold from gambler
  • 5x gold gold from Wheel fo Fortune
  • pet Armoruck can be found during the event

Fantastic Fortress Festivity

  • wood wood and stone stone can be found during quests
  • only biggest gems in gem mine
  • 2x faster recruiting units in fortress
  • 2x wood drewno and stone stone from Wheel fo Fortune
  • 2x wood drewno and stone stone from gambler

Days of Doomed Souls

  • souls can be found during quest
  • 2x souls souls for lured players in underworld
  • 2x souls souls from extractor
  • 2x souls souls from gambler
  • 2x souls souls from Wheel of Fortune

Tidy Toilet Time

  • 2x mana for throwing an item in the toilet
  • pet Mantiflame can be found during event
Events on the occasion of Labor Day and nocy Walpurgis Night

In addition to these events on Friday at 19:00 CET there will be a Shakes & Fidget Show stream on twitch hosted by m3lly. You can watch the stream here.