Today is December 1st, so this is the start of winter at Shakes & Fidget. What does it mean? First of all, pets that can be caught during this season. Plus, you'll also be able to find special epic Christmas-themed items as well as the opportunity to earn some holiday achievements! Let's start with pets that you can get from 1.12.2021 to 28.02.2022.

In winter, we can hunt the following pets:

  • Naar (during the day in Flooded Caldwell)
  • Horrnington (during the day in Split Canyon)
  • Reaprim (during the day on Skull Island)
  • Psytbum (during the day in Plains of Oz’Korr)

In addition to the above-mentioned pets, you can get another one, but only in December (1-31.12):

  • Antlar (in Northrunt)

In addition to pets, during this time you can get equipment from the Christmas set.
In December, you also have the opportunity to earn two achievements.

The first one is to take off your shoes before 11:59 p.m. on 5.12, and at 00:01 On 6.12 you will get the achievement "St. Nicholas".

The second achievement is about logging in every day for 20 days and receiving rewards from the calendar in order to get a 20 "door" in December. After receiving the 20th door, you will receive the "Door Opener" achievement.

In addition, during Advent, every Sunday you will be able to use special code, which you enter at the mushroom dealer will give you a reward. Remember, however, that each code is only active on a given day, so don't miss your chance to redeem the code!

List of codes:

  • 27.11 - 1_advent_21 - Eliksir żywotności
  • 05.12 - 2_advent_21 - 200 lucky coins lucky coins
  • 12.12 - 3_advent_21 - 300 hourglasses hourglass
  • 19.12 - 4_advent_21 - 20 mushrooms mushroom