Christmas is just around the corner and update 11.0 is coming to the game. With the update, the legendary dungeon returns with "Lord of the Things" theme with new features, enemies, rewards and other changes! In addition to the news related to the legendary dungeon, the update also includes various changes and fixes for various elements of the game, such as a higher chance of getting some pets or the ability to demote an inactive guild leader by regular members. The Legendary Dungeon opens on Friday (17.12) at 16:00 CET . This dungeon will contain a lot of gold and epic items, but also lots of monsters to defeat, and most importantly, there will also be new legendary items to earn!

Legendary Dungeon - Lord of the Things 2021

Are you looking for detailed info about legendary dungeons in Shakes & Fidget? Check here.

Here's the list of new features and changes in update 11.0

New features:

  • Legendary Dungeon: new environment, graphics and sounds
  • Legendary Dungeon: three new Legendary items
  • Tavern: new event combinations for 2022
  • Blacksmith: dragging a gem onto an equipped item with no socket opens "Add socket" window now
  • Options: new custom cursor for browser (optional) and Steam
  • Witch: new cursor states for spell scrolls
  • Underworld: new info window when you don't have any underworld units but are about to lure a hero


  • Legendary Dungeon: the curses enemies can inflict are floor-dependent (floor 2+) now
  • Legendary Dungeon: you can win against the Balrog now and gain a healing
  • Legendary Dungeon: rebalanced monster damage and chance of blessings and curses based on feedback
  • Legendary Dungeon: changed artwork of monsters and rooms
  • Legendary Dungeon: added info that some blessings and curses are not active in boss fights
  • To-Do list: rephrased entries
  • To-Do list: "Arena Manager" ticked off if every building is level 1+
  • Guild chat: repositioned chat icon
  • Scrapbook: replaced "Walking Stick of the Grey" and "Salbadriel's Gift" (name and artwork)
  • Tavern: slightly decreased size of event icons
  • Tavern: increased chance of lucky coins during Lucky Day event
  • Arena: removed obsolete "Save fight" checkbox for arena fights
  • Pets: increased drop chance of earth pet 16 and light pet 16
  • Fortress, apps: improved click box of unit and gem mine buttons
  • Guild: inactive guild leaders (21+ days) can be demoted by regular members after 365 days now
  • Guild: now menu button flashes if guild pet fight is possible

Fixed bugs:

  • Legendary Dungeon: back button of stats is no longer overlapped
  • Guild chat: long links are no longer displayed incorrectly
  • Guild chat: received whispers by the same player are no longer merged (which resulted in an ugly look)
  • Character: added missing thousands separator to number of hourglasses
  • Character: extracting a gem no longer displays armor at gem position
  • Character, apps: fixed a display issue of attribute popups
  • Tavern: gambler no longer displays dice with event bonus after midnight
  • Blacksmith: fixed a display issue of "Change look" function with Legendary items
  • Pets: dragging fruit no longer makes them invisible
  • Fortress, apps: searching for gems too quickly no longer skips one search
  • Underworld: number of souls during Days of Doomed Souls event no longer overlaps underworld text
  • Guild: list of members no longer jumps to top of screen when viewing players at the bottom
  • Mail: messages can be right-clicked again (similar to chat)
  • Mail: list of messages no longer jumps to top of screen when clicking a new message
  • Mail: fixed a "You don't have any messages" error although you have the official S&F newsletter in inbox
  • Mail: subject and date no longer overlap
  • Hall of Fame, apps: fixed a bug with placeholder text
  • Wheel of Fortune: added missing thousands separator to number of lucky coins
  • Options: fixed "Disconnect from Facebook" function bug
  • Options: switching languages instantly switches all text entries now

With the launch of the Legendary Dungeon, you will be able to use a special code: n3utr4l_xmas. It should be entered at the mushroom merchant by clicking on the "VOUCHER" button. The reward for using the code is 999 lucky coinslucky coin and 50 mushrooms mushroom. To use the code, you must be at least level 50, and the code can be entered until 27.12.

Moreover, during next weekend (17-19.12) we're having following events:

Days of Doomed Souls

  • souls can be found during quest
  • 2x souls souls for lured players in underworld
  • 2x souls souls from extractor
  • 2x souls souls from gambler
  • 2x souls souls from Wheel of Fortune

Tidy Toilet Time

  • 2x mana for throwing an item in the toilet
  • pet Mantiflame can be found during event

Crazy Mushroom Harvest

  • 20% more mushrooms mushroom at dealer
  • greater chance for finding mushrooms during quests

Fantastic Fortress Festivity

  • wood wood and stone stone can be found during quests
  • only biggest gems in gem mine
  • 2x faster recruiting units in fortress
  • 2x wood wood and stone stone from Wheel of Fortune
  • 2x wood wood and stone stone from gambler

Glorious Gold Galore

  • 5x gold gold for quests
  • 5x gold gold for city guard during the event
  • +50% gold gold from gold pit
  • 5x gold gold from gambler
  • 5x gold gold from Wheel fo Fortune
  • pet Armoruck can be found during the event