Easter is just around the corner, so it's time for a large number of events on this occasion. Below is a list of all active events from Friday to Monday inclusive:

Crazy Mushroom Harvest

  • 20% more mushrooms mushroom at dealer
  • greater chance for finding mushrooms during quests

Exceptional XP Event

  • 2x XP for quests
  • 2x XP for daily missions
  • 2x XP for Arena fights
  • 2x XP from the academy in Fortress
  • 2x XP frome the Wheel of Fortune
  • pet - Luchtablong can be found during event

Glorious Gold Galore

  • 5x gold gold for quests
  • 5x gold gold for city guard during the event
  • +50% gold gold from gold pit
  • 5x gold gold from gambler
  • 5x gold gold from Wheel fo Fortune
  • pet Armoruck can be found during the event

Assembly of Awesome Animals

  • 3x fruits from quests
  • 3x fruits from pet fights
  • each pet can be fed 9 times per day
  • faster quests with premium mounts (quest time reduced by 0:30, 1:00, 1:30 for mounts -20%, -30%, -50%)
  • 3x fruits fro Wheel of Fortune

Forge Frenzy Festival

  • metal metal and arcane splinters arcane splinters can be found during quests
  • 15 instead of 5 dismantle points
  • 2x arcane splinters arcane splinters from gambler
  • 2x arcane splinters arcane splinters from Wheel of Fortune

Tidy Toilet Time

  • 2x mana for throwing an item in the toilet
  • pet Mantiflame can be found during event
Easter events 2021

During Easter (2-5.04) you can also find the pet Forror.

In addition, tomorrow, on April 1, there will be a chance to find a Liphant pet, it's the only opportunity of the year to get it, don't miss it!

If you are completing a scrapbook and are looking for Easter items, remember that you can find them on 2-8.04 .

And if that wasn't enough, Shakes & Fidget also has an Easter gift for you! Just enter the code EGG21 at the Mushroom Dealer by clicking the "VOUCHER" button.

Happy Easter!