Today, another update 11.1 has hit the game. There are new features, like new guild event "Hellevator", and as usual some changes and bugfixes.

Hellevator will open its gates on friday 16:00 CET and will be available for the next 10 days. You will find there 500 floors full of monsters, mysteries and treasures. Of course the main point is to advance as far as possible and get best scores together with your guild mates. More details soon!

Hellevator - new guild event

In addition, some changes have also been made and a lot of bugs have been fixed. Below is a list of all changes, news and a list of fixed bugs:

New features:

  • Hellevator: temporary guild event "Lust and Anger" for guild members levels 10+
  • Scrapbook: new achievement for collecting 10 Novemquadragintillion runes by sacrificing progress
  • Arena, apps: timer can be skipped by watching ads now (daily limit 50)
  • Arena Manager: end screen for collecting 10 Novemquadragintillion runes by sacrificing p
  • Arena Manager: added color-coded progress bar to rune total
  • Town Map: new glowing mouseover effect
  • Town Map: added defunct smithy graphics (no fire) if blacksmith hasn't been unlocked yet
  • Dungeons: added 21st floor to Shadow World dungeon "Continuous Loop of Idols"
  • Dungeons: added numbers to dungeons
  • Options: added cursor state to S&F mouse cursor for text fields
  • Mail: deleted old official S&F messages and deleted inbox for players that haven't logged in for 180+ days


  • Todo list: removed Arena Manager entry after collecting 10 Novemquadragintillion runes by sacrificing progress
  • Arena Manager: removed "No thanks" button
  • Arena Manager: changed font color of platin buildings for better readability
  • Pets: increased drop chance of pets that can be only found on few days every year
  • Fortress: changed default setting of slider to maximum number when training units
  • Guild: reworked icons of guild members so they are sharper
  • Daily login calendar: replaced bonus runes with gold after collecting 10 Novemquadragintillion runes in the Arena Manager

Fixed bugs:

  • Character: items of the mannequin are correctly displayed now when comparing items
  • Tavern, apps: fixed a display bug with XP and gold icons when comparing quests
  • Tavern: timer of city guard no longer displayed when entering arena too quickly
  • Dungeons: skipping a fight with companions no longer shows wrong weapon animations
  • Underworld: gold pit no longer displays "full" message while upgrading the building and having collected a lot of gold
  • Underworld: gold pit no longer automatically reaches maximum at certain upgrade and fill level
  • Guild: fixed a bug with duplicate names of guild members
  • Guild: fixed a bug that officers could not view shoes of other members in context menu
  • Guild: fixed a guild list display bug when kicking members
  • Mail: fixed a bug when using keys to view guild fights
  • Mail: links in popups (S&F in-game news) can be clicked now
  • Hall of Fame: fixed a context menu bug with numeric keypad key 7 and own char
  • Options: fixed states of S&F mouse cursor (clickable, draggable, not possible etc.)