Today at 16:00 the Hellevator will open in which together with the guild you will be able to fight monsters and collect valuable rewards, including some uniques for 3 best guilds! You will find details and all information about the event below.

Hellevator - new guild event


The Hellevator "Lust and Anger" is an elevator that directly goes into the depths of the underworld. Fight against 500 enemies of increasing strength and climb up the rankings with your guild.
Hellevator live for: 10 days Required level: 10+
Each fight costs a key card. Every 30 minutes you will receive a new key card. If you don't have any at hand, you can also use a mushroom. Every 24 hours the Hellevator is reset by 20 floors, allowing you to defeat the enemies on those floors again.
For each defeated enemy you receive valuable Hell Tokens in addition to the usual loot. They are added to your guild members' tokens. At the end of the event, all participating guilds will be rewarded based on their earned Hell Tokens.

Key Cards

Each fight costs one key card. Every 30 minutes a new key card is generated. If you have collected a maximum of 15 key cards, no more will be generated. Don't forget to use them regularly! If you don't have a key card at hand, you can also pay a mushroom to plunge into battle. Should you find key cards elsewhere, they will always fit in your pockets.

Hell Tokens

For each defeated enemy in the Hellevator, you receive valuable Hell Tokens in addition to the usual loot. The number of Hell Tokens you receive for a fight depends on the floor of the enemy. Your Hell Tokens are added to those of your guild members and at the end of the event, all participating guilds will be rewarded based on their earned Hell Tokens.

Changing guilds

If you leave your guild during the event, you take your Hell Tokens with you and can join a new guild at any time. However, you will lose 5% of your Hell Tokens. You can continue fighting in the Hellevator and collect Hell Tokens, but your Hell Tokens won't be added to those of your new guild for 24 hours.
If you get kicked from the guild, you won't lose any Hell Tokens. Your Hell Tokens will be added to those of your new guild after 12 hours.

Fighting in Hellevator

You can get valuable rewards such as gold, mushrooms, resources or fruits for completing next floors of Hellevator. To check what you can get on specific floor check this website. This can come handy for planning next attacks.


After the Hellevator has closed, all members of guilds that participated will receive a reward. It depends on your guild's Hellevator rank in the game world and scales with your level. At any time, you can view the rank of your guild in the Hellevator in the guild rankings. You can collect your reward up to 7 days after the Hellevator has closed. It doesn't matter when you claim your reward. It is fixed upon closing. The three guilds with the most Hell Tokens in a game world will also receive a very special profile background (rank 1: gold, rank 2: silver, rank 3: bronze) until the next Hellevator (runtime begins with the closure of the Hellevator).

Special code

You can use special code to get cool rewards, that can boost you in Hellevator! In order to do so, open Mushroom Dealer, click on VOUCHER and type N3utr4L_Hellevator. For using the code you get following rewards:

  • 25 Key Cards for Hellevator
  • 100 hourglasses
  • Potion of the Eternal Life (+25% HP)

Note that you can use the code after starting Hellevator.