Another year is almost over. It was very challenging year and full of new experiences. However, it's time for celebrating and welcoming new - 2022 year.

For this occasion, you will have a chance to catch rare pet

Moreover, during whole New Year's Eve weekend (31.12 - 2.01) we'll have following events:

Days of Doomed Souls

  • souls can be found during quest
  • 2x souls souls for lured players in underworld
  • 2x souls souls from extractor
  • 2x souls souls from gambler
  • 2x souls souls from Wheel of Fortune

Epic Shopping Spree Extravaganza

Event available for 50+ level players.
  • 5x chance for epic items in shops and quests
  • pet Knilight can be found during event

Epic Good Luck Extravaganza

  • chance for epic item in dice game
  • increased chance for epic item from Wheel of Fortune

Crazy Mushroom Harvest

  • 20% more mushrooms mushroom at dealer
  • greater chance for finding mushrooms during quests

Fantastic Fortress Festivity

  • wood wood and stone stone can be found during quests
  • only biggest gems in gem mine
  • 2x faster recruiting units in fortress
  • 2x wood wood and stone stone from Wheel of Fortune
  • 2x wood wood and stone stone from gambler

Glorious Gold Galore

  • 5x gold gold for quests
  • 5x gold gold for city guard during the event
  • +50% gold gold from gold pit
  • 5x gold gold from gambler
  • 5x gold gold from Wheel fo Fortune
  • pet Armoruck can be found during the event

Lucky Day

  • Lucky coins lucky coins can be found during quest
  • 40 Wheel of Fortune spins instead of 20
  • 20 dice game attempts instead of 10