A new legendary dungeon will appear in the game, in which you will be able to earn various rewards - including legendary items!
The dungeon will open at 00:01 December 18, 2020 and will be available for 10 days.

Legendary Dungeon - Lord of the Things
New features:
  • Legendary Dungeon: new Lord of the Things dungeon
  • Legendary Dungeon: new Lord of the Things legendaries
  • Legendary Dungeon: many new rooms, sounds and voice samples
  • Legendary Dungeon: new dungeon statistics (fastest victory, best run…)
  • Tutorials: added Holy Grail and stable entries
  • Legendary Dungeon: reworked graphics of several rooms
  • Legendary Dungeon: tweaked drop chance of items
  • Legendary Dungeon: tweaked drop chance of legendaries you already found (fewer duplicates)
  • Legendary Dungeon: tweaked gold reward (the more playthroughs, the less gold)
  • Legendary Dungeon: if the dungeon is locked (after 10 days), you can no longer log in again and enter
  • Legendary Dungeon: certain animations are faster now
  • Scrapbook: added info text to "Legendaries" tab
  • Scrapbook: reduced font size of descriptions of legendaries
  • Guild: reworked colors of members’ activity
  • Magic shop: potions capped at 5 million gold now
Fixed bugs:
  • Legendary Dungeon: legendaries are no longer invisible in inventory
  • Legendary Dungeon: fixed a cursor bug when leaving the dungeon
  • Legendary Dungeon: fixed "Not in dungeon" bug
  • Legendary Dungeon: fixed some text errors
  • Legendary Dungeon: fixed a display bug of room 200
  • Legendary Dungeon: death screen no longer displayed too early after trap or monster attack
  • Legendary Dungeon: disabling ambient sounds also disables the correct dungeon sounds now
  • Legendary Dungeon: legendary shields (warriors) give the correct (lower) amount of resources now
  • Mannequin: added missing "Set gem?" security question
  • Mannequin: sales price (witch) and resources of an item displayed now
  • Magic shop: fixed price of potions for players level 600+