Today another update - 10.0 hit Shakes & Fidget. There are some new features, including a new dungeon and a legendary dungeon that will open next weekend (24.09). In addition, some changes have also been made and a lot of bugs have been fixed. Below is a list of all changes, news and a list of fixed bugs:

New features

  • Legendary Dungeon: new "Diabolical Company Party" theme (the dungeon is still locked!)
  • Legendary Dungeon: new Gems of Fate mechanic
  • Legendary Dungeon: 3 new Legendary items added
  • Legendary Dungeon: new doors and chests
  • Legendary Dungeon: tutorial for doors and chests
  • Dungeons: new "Tavern of the Dark Doppelgangers" dungeons (keys in gem mine; level 270+ required for Light World, level 350+ required for Shadow World)
  • Scrapbook: two achievements for the new dungeons
  • Arcane Toilet: warning when you are about to throw a Legendary weapon with a gem in the toilet
  • City Guard: you can collect your reward with the enter key now
  • Options: added Twitch link


  • Legendary Dungeon: "Trick or Trap" dungeon renamed to "Diabolical Company Party"
  • Legendary Dungeon: refilling 20% hit points now costs 10 mushrooms for the very first time, 15 mushrooms for the second time and 20 mushrooms for all subsequent times
  • Legendary Dungeon: removed "Hole" special room
  • Tavern: having no Thirst for Adventure left dims the candle on the progress bar now
  • Magic Shop, apps: "+900%" text during Sands of Time Special is better visible now
  • Character: rotated Legendary weapon "Excalibur" and reworked it slightly (the old fight animation looked odd)
  • Mushroom dealer, Steam: vouchers button no longer overlaps text

Fixed bugs

  • Login, Steam: fixed a "Character couldn't be verified" error
  • Legendary Dungeon: fixed a bug that displayed the wrong mouse cursor when clicking on chests or barrels
  • Tavern: fixed a bug that still displayed a little bit of Thirst for Adventure although you did not have any left
  • City Guard: fixed a visual progress bar bug
  • Weapon Shop: fixed missing shield descriptions for non-Warrior characters
  • Magic Shop: potions for level 600+ players have a sales value now
  • Guild: the Hydra's hit point bar is no longer visually empty when the first player of the day attacks the Hydra
  • Mail, apps: joining a guild did not always work
  • Underworld: the Keeper's luck value is correctly displayed now
  • Underworld: switching from Fortress to Underworld no longer displays the attack window of the Fortress now
  • Dungeons: finding a dungeon key did not always make the dungeon button flash