December is a week when winter begins in Shakes & Fidget. With winter come some special opportunities and a lot of fun!
First thing that is coming are pets that can be caught from 1-12 to 28.02.

During winter you can catch these pets:
  • Naar (during day in Flooded Caldwell)
  • Horrnington (during day in Split Canyon)
  • Reaprim (during day on Skull Island)
  • Boomywoomy (during day in Plains of Oz’Korr)

Beside that you can also find epic items from christmas collection.
In december you can also get one of rare achievements, you just need to take off all your equipment before 6th december, then at 00:00 of 6th december you'll get "St. Nicholas" achievement.

This month's events are as following:

  • 4-6.12 - XP event (experience bonus)
  • 11-13.12 - Epic Event (greater chance for epic items) - available for players with 50+ level
  • 18-20.12 - Gold Event (more gold)
  • 24-27 - Christmas - all events together