Today, another update hit Shakes & Fidget, with the number 8.1. There are some new features, changes and a lot of bugs have been fixed. Below is a list of all changes, news and a list of fixed bugs:

New features

  • Scrapbook: 10 brand-new achievements
  • Mail: completely reworked mail, saved fight replays and friend list
  • General: added "new client version is available" message if your browser version is outdated
  • Options: added many new flags and you can select a flag independent of in-game language now


  • Events: during Forge Frenzy Festival arcane splinters as quest rewards give you twice as many splinters now
  • Witch: increased speed of "brew potion" animation
  • Fortress: cost of units is displayed now even if you don't have enough resources
  • Guild: reworked system how inactive players count towards guilds (more details in manual)
  • Guild: clicking guild description no longer selects the whole text
  • Underworld: fights in the underworld can no longer be saved
  • Dr. Abawuwu: new lucky coin icons

Fixed bugs

  • General: "network request timeout" errors should occur less frequently now
  • Login: fixed a bug when logging in as quest
  • Guild chat: fixed green text of guild portal fight if the enemy still had 0.x% hit points
  • Guild chat: fixed a bug when typing in guild chat and the gold frame merchant is displayed
  • Scrapbook: fixed naturism achievement when taking off items with mannequin button
  • Witch: Assassins deal correct critical hit damage (sword of vengeance spell scroll) with both weapons now
  • Guild: fixed "error in the system" message when looking for guilds or founding own guild
  • Guild: raid 100 no longer has incorrect image
  • Guild: fixed overlapping icons and texts (guild attacks)
  • Guild: "invite player" button no longer disappears when inviting player, removing player and inviting same player again
  • Guild: guild raid button correctly greyed out now if requirements are not met
  • Guild, apps: fixed scrolling of description in portrait mode
  • Guild: fixed occasional bug that number of completed raids was incorrectly displayed
  • Character, apps: mannequin icon no longer displayed if mannequin hasn't been unlocked yet
  • Options: ambient sound is no longer reset to 0
  • Events: fixed display of reduced quest times during Assembly of Awesome Animals event
  • Fortress: fixed a rare bug that suggested own fortress as opponent and the game froze
  • Scrapbook: fixed a bug that incorrectly displayed scrapbook percentage of other players
  • Daily login calendar: calendar rewards are stored in treasure chest now if no normal inventory slots are available