Tomorrow, that is 29.10 a Speed Server will be launched in Shakes & Fidget. What is Speed Server? It is a server with a few modifications that significantly speed up the pace of the game. Plus, it's only open for a limited time, and top players can win their own in-game portrait!

The server will start on friday 29.10 at 16:00 CEST, however, you can reserve your character name now, and if you do so before the server starts, you'll get 25 mushroom. In addition, before the start, you can also buy mushrooms from a mushroom dealer to prepare for the game. The server can be accessed by clicking here.


How is speed server different from regular server? First of all, an intense game that will be provided, among others, by by the following modifiers:

  • 2x faster quests
  • 2x faster arena fights
  • 4x more experience
  • 6x more gold
  • 2x more wood, stone and sould
  • 2x more mana for throwing items into Arcane Toilet
  • 2x money in Arena Manager
  • 3x more fruits
  • pets can be fed 9 times per day
  • 2x faster building in fortress
  • Tornado disabled

Start on the server can be even better if you use a special code from one of the content creators, for example PAULTERRASPEED. To use the code, go to the mushroom dealer and click on the "VOUCHER" button.

Thanks to this, you will get the following things:

  • Potion of Eternal Life
  • 14 days of Dragon Griffin
  • 50 mushrooms mushroom

The server will stay opened for a month, so 28.11 at 23:59 CET it will be closed and players from the top 10 server, as well as 10 random people from positions 11-50 will get their own character portrait made by Marvin Clifford.

After the server is closed, you will be able to transfer the remaining mushrooms from Speed Server to the newest international server, w52. Instructions on how to do this will be available soon!

Additionally, this weekend, 29-31.10 there will be a Halloween weekend, which means you can catch Pharamumm pet all weekend. In addition, as every weekend there will be active events:

Forge Frenzy Festival

  • metal metal and arcane splinters arcane splinters can be found during quests
  • 15 instead of 5 dismantle points
  • 2x arcane splinters arcane splinters from gambler
  • 2x arcane splinters arcane splinters from Wheel of Fortune

Sands of Time Special

  • 10x hourglasses hourglass in Magic Shop
  • 2x hourglasses hourglass from gambler
  • hourglasses hourglass can be found during quests in sand locations

Exceptional XP Event

  • 2x XP for quests
  • 2x XP for daily missions
  • 2x XP for Arena fights
  • 2x XP from the academy in Fortress
  • 2x XP frome the Wheel of Fortune
  • pet - Luchtablong can be found during event

Tidy Toilet Time

  • 2x mana for throwing an item in the toilet
  • pet Mantiflame can be found during event

Crazy Mushroom Harvest

  • 20% more mushrooms mushroom at dealer
  • greater chance for finding mushrooms during quests